Letters Entertain You

That Word Game™ is a word game that's a cross between Scrabble™ and Boggle™. You're given 15 letter tiles and one minute. Score as many points as you can by making words. Each letter has a certain number of points associated to it and the word score is made up of the sum of the letter values multiplied by the number of letters in the word.

That Word Game™ is also an Apple TV app. If you have a new Apple TV (4th generation), download the tvOS That Word Game™ app and use the mobile app to play against your friends in multiplayer mode. That Word Game™ is the first ever party game for the Apple TV. You use your iPhone or iPad as the controller. Up to 6 people can play.

That Word Game™ is a collaboration between Slay, Davro (responisble for the tvOS app) and Xin (responisble for the "Go" backend).

For more information visit that.wordgame.fun.

Slay has no association with Scrabble™ or Boggle™.

This is awesome.

Reilly Beacom
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