Team App Advertising is a platform that allows people an companies advertising on Team App.

Team App Advertising makes advertising on Team App simple and easy. It is cost effective, highly targeted, and most of all, super simple to use. Team App Advertising is great for business big and small. Those that want to advertise can upload their own ads or use the ad builder to create great looking and responsive ads for their business.

With the explosion of the smartphone, mobile advertising is becoming an extremely powerful channel for brands to find potential customers. Companies (with any budget) can easily tailor a campaign to target the demographic of their choice. With 200+ sports in over 100 countries now using Team App for their communication, it's a great way to target grass roots sports.

Raef Akehurst (Slay founder) helped build Team App and Team App Advertising and consults Team App relating to all technical aspects of the service.

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