An app that enables doctors to quickly and securely capture, send and store clinical photos.

PicSafe® is a simple, quick, and secure mobile app-based system which enables healthcare professionals to safely capture, transmit, and securely store patient-consented clinical photos, video and audio.

Compatible with iOS and Android devices, PicSafe® meets patient privacy and government regulatory requirements surrounding the capture, use, and storage of medical photographs, video and audio.

By using PicSafe® on a smartphone, healthcare professionals can quickly and efficiently document a patient's status, considerably improving the efficiency of the medical referral process and, ultimately, improving patient outcomes. All captured data is patient-consented, photos are watermarked to assure authenticity, and all access is logged to provide an audit trail.

PicSafe® is "the missing link" in mobile clinical photography.

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PicSafe ensures that the collection, use and disclosure of clinical photographs accords with the requirements of the HRA, without compromising efficiency - one of the major benefits of using clinical photographs.

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