PicSafe Medi was a mobile system for capturing, safely distributing and securely storing patient-consented images and data.

Two respected senior Victorian surgeons approached me when I was running ProjectProject with an idea addressing patient privacy concerns around the capture and storage of clinical photography. A vast majority of medical practitioners use mobile devices to document patient’s ailments and progress, without legislative or security support. We created PicSafe Medi, an app that simultaneously resolves patient privacy and government regulatory problems surrounding capture, use, and storage of medical photographs.

Slay took over the maintenance and continued development of PicSafe. The product has been extremely well received by users however the perceived need by the target market has been a little disappointing. Ultimately we found that there was considerably more demand from institutions wanting to provide a tool for their employees to securely capture patient photos and have the photos stored in the patients electronic medical record (EMR). The high cost of storing photos and the only moderate success of the offering has lead to the closure of PicSafe.

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PicSafe ensures that the collection, use and disclosure of clinical photographs accords with the requirements of the HRA, without compromising efficiency - one of the major benefits of using clinical photographs.

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