Worried about a mole? Then "MoleQuest it".

MoleQuest's ultimate goal was to help save lives by facilitating the early diagnosis and treatment of Melanomas.

We all know that the risk of having a 'bad mole' and that Melanoma can be fatal if not caught early and removed by a qualified physician. There are a number of app products reliant on algorithm-driven, binary solutions that have failed to adequately address the risk gradient involved in providing useful assessments that are realistic and, ultimately, actionable by medical professionals. This is why MoleQuest was developed.

MoleQuest aimed to give you a realistic risk assessment and appropriate triage recommendations, which you can then act upon by following up with your local physician skin specialist.

MoleQuest has been removed from the App Store and Google Play as the dematologist wanted to focus on other projects (see PicSafe).

For more information visit MoleQuest.com.

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